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Teaching Practices, School Support and Bullying


Research in recent years indicates that schools, and in particular teaching practices, play an essential role in preventing bullying. This study’s aim is to investigate the direct and indirect relationships between permissive and direct intervention teacher practices, school support and bullying. In a non-probabilistic way, 386 (58.1%) boys and 278 (41.9%) girls from 30 primary schools were selected in a city in the northwest of Mexico. The average age of students was 10.4 years (SD = 1.3 years). From the results of the calculation of a model of structural equations, it is inferred that permissive teaching practices are directly related positively to bullying, whereas direct intervention does it in a negatively. It is seen that both types of practices are indirectly related to bullying through its effects on school support. These findings confirm the role of the teacher in the prevention of bullying.

Keywords: teacher practices; school support and bullying

Rodríguez, A. C. R., Noriega, J. A. V., & Cuervo, A. A. V. (2017). Teaching Practices, School Support and Bullying. World Journal of Education, 7(4), 50.

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